Mona Lisa is a harlequin girl
Hi, I'm Bruna. I'm 19, brazilian and in love with Panic! At The Disco & Harry Potter. I'm Ravenclaw. I'm a little bit nerd and I find myself hilarious sometimes but I complain a lot the most part of the time, I know this.
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You guys know that Brazil is faaar away and is very hard to get bands like P!ATD touring here. We got to see them live in 2009 at a festival and they did an awesome meet and greet for 200 fans! I swear, 200! I never knew a band like them, it was Brendon and Spencer because Ryan and Jon left 4…

favourite panic! at the disco music videos → vhs style gifs

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It’s gonna be the first time I’ve sung these Sinatra songs…

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my dad has a folder on his computer named Cool Dad and it’s just pictures of himself

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when you’re a thief: (I’m a thief I’m a thief) you can call me a thief

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